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Do you have an Affiliate scheme?

Yes, make more money as someone who finds Traders and even make large bonuses as some who discovers the next Fund Manager.

Our Affiliate Scheme is designed as a perk for members of the BluFx Trading Family.
We now pay BluFX Traders $100 into their active trading account for the referral of each NEW subscriber that stays subscribed for at least 14 days.
After 5 such referrals, the Trader would now receive the $500 credit to their trading account and the Trader has become an Affiliate.
We pay Affiliates £12.50 cash (Lite Subscribers) £25 cash (Pro Subscribers) on a monthly basis for each new subscriber after the initial 5 referred.
Once Affiliates have introduced 15 new subscribers in total they become a Mentor.
Mentors make ongoing monthly commissions from each subscriber they bring in, as well as each subscriber brought in by each member of their team.
Mentors will also receive a monthly bonus of $5000 for any of your referrals promoted to fund manager.
To get started you will need a BluFX trader dashboard which is available to any Trader that has subscribed at least once with us.
For a full explanation of the BluFX Affiliate Scheme, including how to join our Affiliate Scheme and what the rewards and payouts are, please check out the blog below: