Full explanation of rapid growth and withdrawal

BluFX provide funding for experienced traders. We do not provide any training or make trading recommendations. We provide the funds and you provide the trading talent. Please study and understand the trading conditions at your own pace.
Traders can choose either withdrawal or account growth or even both as long as they achieve the respective targets. Therefore a trader making 15% could request a withdrawal as well as account growth.
The following scenario explains the growth process and how promotion works.
1. You have a 50k account – you need to make 5% (2500) to withdraw – you then get 50% and we get 50% (1250 each)
2. You have a 50k account and you are up 54,500 – you can withdraw 5% (2500). You cannot withdraw another 5%, you cannot receive growth (you need 10% for growth - 5000)
3. You have a 50k account and you are up to 55000 – you may withdraw 5%+5% (5% blocks only). OR you may request growth with 10%. If you request growth, you receive another 50k, your new balance is now 105k. Growth requires 10% (5000) to be kept in the account and not withdrawn. Therefore with your new balance of 105k you need to make a further 5% block on top of the 105k to withdraw. This is 5000 (5% of 100k account). So to withdraw your 105k account has to grow to 110k. At 110 you have made 5k on 100k and can withdraw 5%(5000). Your minimum balance is now 105k.
4. You have 105k in your account. You make 5% (5000) you can withdraw. If you make 10% (10000) you can grow again. So if you get up to 115k (105min +10k) you can request growth. If you request growth your new balance becomes 115k+100K=215k.
5. You now have a 215k account. 200k is for trading and 15k is the growth amount that serves as a deposit. So to withdraw, you now need 5% of 200k = 10k. To grow you need 10% of 200k=20k. So to withdraw you need a balance of 215+10=225k. And to grow you need a balance of 215+20=235
6. In summary 50k account needs 50k+5% for withdrawal. 100k account needs 105+5% for withdrawal. 200k account needs 215+5% for withdrawal. The growth amount cannot be withdrawn or the extra funding will be removed.
After account growth your drawdown limit remains 10%. Therefore on the 100k account if you lose 10k your account will be reviewed by the risk team. They may reset you back to the lower level of 50k. However you will not be reset to 50k just for being negative in the account.
At anytime an account has at least 5% in profit, a request for withdrawal can be submitted. The 5% amount will be removed from the trading account. The traders 50% profit share will then be transferred to the traders bank account or PayPal. There is no limit to the number of withdrawal requests however all money is sent on the 25th of each month.
You may withdraw all your profits in incremental blocks of 5%. Therefore if you realised a 21% profit , you could immediately withdraw 5% x 4 = 20%. You would then need to make a further 4% to be able to withdraw another 5% block.