How does this work?

Pay your monthly subscription fee to access a funded account. Then withdraw 5% blocks of profit to split 50/50 with BluFX

The fee for our Lite Package is 99GBP per month for a funded account of 25,000USD.
The fee for the Pro Package is 249GBP per month for a funded account of 50,000USD.
If you can pay your initial subscription fee then you can receive funding to trade. After that you can pay your subscription with your share of the profit.
If you get a Lite Package worth $25,000 and you can bring that up to $26,250, you can withdraw that 5% profit ($1,250) and take your $625 share. You can keep withdrawing in blocks of 5% only and those withdrawal requests made before the 20th will be paid out on the 25th of the month.
If you get a Pro Package, worth $50,000, you can still withdraw in 5% blocks ($2,500) and get your $1,250 share. However, you can grow your account in 10% blocks to reach the final stage and manage a $1million fund with no subscription.