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How to become a BluFX partner?

The BluFX Project objectives are to provide the lowest costing and fairest trading opportunity to the millions of underfunded talents out there, and then promote those capable of generating consistent profits to manage the multi-million-dollar funds of our investors.


We want you to bring us traders with potential and who are able to find the subscription fee. In exchange, you will have an opportunity to run your own Prop Firm powered invisibly by us.

This means an opportunity to get our products at discounted prices, mark up these prices at fair value and sell under your brand, receive monthly fees, and get a share of profit splits if you have the right amount of traders. White Label Partners also receive prioritized fast-track funded accounts and customer onboarding.


The financial commitment required to become a White Label is a
£2,500 one-off fee. This can be paid in two different ways depending on your business plan -
1. £2,500 in full.
2. £500 in advance with no discounts on subscriptions until the withheld discounts sum up to the £2,000 balance.


If any of this feels like a possible fit for you, let us discuss further and see how to make it an exact fit.

For more details about partner please check the link below