Scenario explains the growth process and how promotion works.

  • Stage 1)
You have a $50k Pro Package account, you need to make 5%($2,500) profit to withdraw – you then get 50% and we get 50% ($1,250 each).
Profit withdrawals can only be made in blocks of 5%, so when you are up to $55,000 – you may withdraw 5%+5% OR you may request growth with 10%.
If you are up to $54,500 – you can withdraw 5% ($2,500) but you cannot withdraw another 5% and you cannot receive growth.
If you make 10% ($5,000) profit and request growth, you will advance to Stage 2 and receive another $50k, making your new balance $105k.


The 10% growth ($5,000) must be maintained in the account and not be withdrawn. Profit withdrawals of 5% blocks are independent of the 10% growth target that must be maintained in the account.
Therefore, with your new balance of $105k, you would need to make a further 5% block on top of the $105k to withdraw. So to withdraw, your $105k account has to grow to $110k.


  • Stage 2)
Now you have $105k in your account. If you make 5% ($5,000) you can withdraw- you get 50% and we get 50% ($2,500 each). If you make 10% ($10,000) you can grow again and your new balance becomes $115k+$100K=$215k.


After account growth, your drawdown limit remains 10%. Therefore, on the $100k account, if you lose $10k your account will be reviewed by the Risk Team and they may roll back your account to the lower level of $50k. Similarly, the growth amount cannot be withdrawn or the extra funding will be removed.


  • Stage 3)
You now have a $215k account. $200k is for trading and $15k is the growth amount that serves as a deposit. So to withdraw, you now need 5% of $200k = $10k. To grow you need 10% of $200k=$20k. So to withdraw you need a balance of $215k+$10k=$225k, – you get 50% and we get 50% ($5,000 each). To grow you need a balance of $215k+$20k=$235k.


If you can succeed in growing your account again you would have reached the Final Stage and will be given a $1 million account to manage and will no longer have to pay a subscription fee, you will no longer have any trading restriction and you are not required to withdraw in 5% blocks.