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How to become a BluFX partner?

The BluFX Project objectives are to provide the lowest costing and fairest trading opportunity to the thousands of underfunded talent out there, and then to promote the minority capable of generating consistent profits to manage the multi million dollar funds of our investors. We want you to bring us traders with potential and able to find the subscription fee.

Partnership with us allows you to receive recurring monthly fees as well as $5000 everytime any successful trader you bring us makes a withdrawal. However you will also get paid whenever your trader hit targets.

There are 2 ways to get started as long as you have at least £500. We ask for this because experience tells us that a partner with 'skin in the game' produces better than one without.

You act as our brand ambassador in your region, introducing customers and receiving 20% of the monthly revenue. We may also direct customers in your region to you for local support . You will receive 5% of the monthly charge for these referred customers. You would integrate with our infrastructure and would manage your traders subscriptions and receive monthly payments. We will provide access to the BluFX brand, all admin and back office, digital marketing initiatives and marketing content. All you provide is local sales and online trader support.
We would require evidence of your experience and ability to deliver

You can also opt to re brand our service as your own white label. In this case BluFX will not be visible to your customers. You may bundle our subscription service with your own value added products and mark up the price as you wish. The mark-up has to reflect fair value and any of your products or marketing that incorporate the BluFX service has to be approved by us. We would not contact your customers unless you ask us to. We would manage the accounts and risk and pass all notifications or communications through your nominated admin staff.
Full partners will be offered our full admin and back office system customised to their own domain and brand. We will handle all admin and trader functions in your name. You will therefore have a turnkey Prop firm powered invisibly by us.

Financial commitment to obtain full partner status is as follows;
£2500 one off set-up fee. This can be paid in 2 different ways depending upon your business plan.
1. £2500 in advance
2. £500 in advance with 0 discount for first 50 Pro subscribers.

Full partners pay £200 for each monthly subscription, new or renewal, with no monthly minimum. The Pro subscription is charged at £249 to everyone else.

All partners receive customisable access to our subscriber management system to manage their own customers subscriptions. Partners also receive prioritized fast track funded accounts and customer on boarding.

If any of this feels like a possible fit for you, then we can discuss further and see how to make it an exact fit.


For more details about partner please check the link below